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Certification of dental clinics

AClinic The dental clinic is a very diverse workplace, where professionals from different specialisations work closely together within a care facility such as a hospital.

The dentist diagnoses, treats teeth and removes oral diseases; the dental assistant assists the dentist in the dental chair or takes X-rays; the prophylactic assistant shows patients how to keep their teeth healthy; the dental hygienist looks after the health of the gums: these are all classic services that patients expect from their dental practice. Patients who want to be reminded of their check-ups in good time, who appreciate a friendly reception and who appreciate being looked after with care. But the service The dental nurse also has other activities, of which the patient is not always aware. These include sterilisation of instruments, monitoring of medical records and administration, i.e., the use of a computer.i.e.This means tasks that require a well-trained and experienced team.  

The certification process will therefore examine : 

  • The conduct of consultations, taking into account in particular the reception and management of the patient;  
  • Care of patients through their care pathway 
  • Emergency management 
  • Dispensing and administering medicines, products and medical devices used 
  • Compliance with infection control rules  
  • A specific guide has been developed to accredit dental clinics within hospitals and other health care facilities 

This guide includes the following elements:

    • Team management  
    • Medication management  
    • Infection control 
    • Reception and support of patients  
    • Emergency management 
    • Perioperative care  
    • Infrastructure management 

      This certification will help you stand out and give your patients confidence, especially new patients and patients from other regions or from abroad.  

      If you have many patients from other countries, a specific module on the care of foreign patients will be part of the guide. This will set you apart from other institutions and ensure that your patients receive a quality service.