Governance of Euromedi International

Euromedi International is committed to good governance practices.

It has three bodies, each with a well-defined role:

  • the board of directors
  • the management committee
  • the scientific committee

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for defining Euromedi International's strategy and ensuring its implementation.

This board is composed of :

  • of a President
  • of directors
  • independent directors to provide impartial advice and an objective view of the activities of the

The shareholders of Euromedi International, meeting in a General Assembly, have appointed the members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is intended to be representative of the various health professions and of the different origins. 

It is the directors who then appoint the chairman of the board and the chief executive officer of the company.

The tasks of the EuroMedi International Board of Directors are :

  • to define the strategy in order to achieve a specific objective, planned for the short or long term
  • to determine the organisational structure, including the appointment of its Director General
  • ensure that the actions of the Managing Director are in line with the strategy defined by challenging him/her
  • to decide whether the information and balance sheets presented by the Director General should be confirmed, modified, approved or rejected,
  • ensuring the viability and safety of the business and the quality of services
  • ensure compliance with EuroMedi's mission, values and vision (missions & values)


Management Committee

The Euromedi International Management Committee includes the following Profiles:

  • A general management
  • An operations department for each country where Euromedi International is present
  • The management of the various departments: IT, finance, human resources, communication,

The tasks of the EuroMedi International Management Committee are :

  • set objectives in line with the group's strategy in the short, medium and long term
  • to define the management policy of EuroMedi International based on the recommendations of the Board of Directors
  • develop EuroMedi International's action in new countries by seeking local partners
  • keep abreast of developments in the sector at the technical and scientific level as well as at the level of the market and potential partnerships
  • coordinating the actions of the various support teams
  • communicating useful information to the various employees to enable them to carry out their various tasks.
  • implement technology watch
  • seek new regional partners
  • develop the client base and new health sectors for accreditation
  • to keep the Board of Directors informed of all important matters concerning the management of EuroMedi International



Scientific Committee  

The Scientific Committee of Euromedi International consists of the following persons

  • A President
  • One Vice President
  • Experts recognised for their scientific competence in each of EuroMedi International's fields of activity

Euromedi International's scientific committee also aims to be balanced by including a maximum number of experts from different countries and backgrounds

The missions of the International Scientific Committee are :

  • to set up a scientific watch
  • participate in the review of criteria and guides
  • provide scientific advice to the operational management
  • to participate in an advisory capacity in strategic decisions
  • share contacts with the operational management
  • to act as an ambassador for the wider accreditation process
  • to appoint auditors
  • ensuring the independence and professionalism of the appointed auditors
  • to report on the accreditation decisions of the audited institutions
  • to decide in the event of an appeal by one of the audited institutions

The quality of governance depends on the quality of the relationships between the members of the Board of Directors, the operational management and the Scientific Committee. The organisation of powers must create a dynamic at the service of the partners and care institutions that place their trust in us

We believe in the importance of :

  • transparency
  • individual commitment
  • mutual trust
  • the consistency of the behaviour of all governance actors with the values and objectives of EuroMedi International