EuroMedi International, in collaboration with Shared patient experience-SPX, is enriched with a Patient Experience label

Healthcare establishments concerned with performance and concerned with innovation are already engaged in an accreditation process or are preparing to do so. Indeed, continuous improvement in quality and safety has finally become a standard. In doing so, the patient experience has systematically and irremediably established itself to become in turn an essential criterion, generating value in the care relationship. Steps in this direction are being deployed with more or less intensity. Therefore, now is the time to support these efforts by recognizing practices that truly help advance the patient experience.

With the aim of supporting and assisting all establishments seeking to perpetuate the patient experience in their processes, EuroMedi International and Shared patient experience offer a guide entirely dedicated to these aspects. With the pragmatism that characterizes them, this guide is listed by areas that directly impact the patient experience. Like general accreditation, the patient experience label will highlight institutions keen to take into account the perspective of their patients in order to best include them in their professional practices.

Together, they will accredit healthcare establishments that have implemented concrete initiatives in terms of patient experience.

A specific guide was therefore developed and integrated into EuroMedi's self-assessment tool, Auditor. This tool, 100% digital and exclusive to EuroMedi International, allows teams to self-assess and integrate their various achievements with a view to international recognition of their good practices. EuroMedi International offers Patient Experience accreditation in around twenty countries around the world.

Who is SPX

Shared Patient eXperience (SPX) is a non-profit association, founded and managed by health professionals from varied backgrounds. SPX seeks to promote the patient experience in all its forms, to improve it and share it with the greatest number of professionals and institutions, without border limitations. SPX encourages healthcare institutions to include the patient experience in all strategic thinking and local management. SPX supports establishments that wish to do so in the commitment and deployment of the patient experience.