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Accreditation of Plastic Surgery Clinics

Plastic surgery clinics are very diverse workplaces, where professionals of different specialisations work closely together.

Through this internationally recognised European accreditation process you will be able to :

  • Improving care management
  • Minimising risks
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Increase your income 
  • Attracting new patients
  • Building patient loyalty
  • Attracting qualified staff
  • Showing your competence to the supervisory authorities
  • Increase your visibility and awareness
  • Become a reference in your sector of activity

Plastic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery. The notable difference between cosmetic surgery and other areas of medicine is that the procedure is carried out at the request of the patient and not as a result of a professional's decision following an accident, for example.

The patient's request, originally a simple client, is prompted by the need to remedy the marks of ageing or pregnancy, birth defects or accidental imperfections that have arisen in the course of life. Following this request, the objective of the cosmetic surgery will be to change what is unpleasant (according to the patient's personal definition), while remaining within the context of what is possible.  

The operations performed in cosmetic surgery concern the silhouettethe breasts, face, intimate surgery or scars.

To do this, a beauty clinic gathers different activities, of which the patient is not always aware. These include sterilisation of instruments, monitoring of medical records and administration, which istasks requiring a well-trained and trained team.

This specific guide for cosmetic surgery clinics includes the following elements:

    • Governance
    • Team management  
    • Medication management  
    • Infection control 
    • Reception and support of patients  
    • Emergency management 
    • Perioperative care  
    • Infrastructure management 

     This accreditation will help you stand out and give your patients confidence. This is especially true for new patients and patients from other regions or countries. If you have many patients from other countries, a specific module on the management of foreign patients will be part of the guide. This will set you apart from other clinics and ensure that your patients receive a good service.