International Patient's Reception

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International Patient's Reception

I live abroad and would like to arrange hospitalisation or medical treatment in another country. But how can I be sure to choose the right establishment ?".

This is the question that patients ask themselves when they want to be treated in another country. There are many reasons for this: waiting time too long in the country of origin, limited supply of care, too high prices....

EuroMedi International will give you the opportunity to show your future international patients that you are a care institution or a medical travel coordination agency competent and able to accompany and care for international patients

The accreditation "Reception of international patients" is a complementary module granted to hospitals and clinics that are already engaged in an accreditation process but which also have the ambition to demonstrate their competences in the specific reception of international patients. They will therefore benefit from a double accreditation.

For a medical travel coordination agencyIn order to be accredited as an international patient reception centre, they must be able to accompany international patients throughout their stay away from home.

Through this internationally recognised European accreditation process you will be able to :

  • Reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your business
  • Increase your income
  • Attracting new patients
  • Retain your current patients
  • Showing your competence to the supervisory authorities
  • Increase your visibility and awareness
  • Become a reference in your sector of activity

For a medical travel coordinating organisationEuroMedi International's "International Patient Reception" accreditation will therefore check the following elements:

  • The ability to properly advise international patients on the choice of a healthcare facility.
  • The ability to accompany international patients through the process
  • The ability to advise international patients throughout their stay away from home
  • The ability to organise and plan with the clinic the necessary health check-ups
  • The ability to organise the trip: transport, accommodation, transfer from the airport or station
  • The ability to manage all administrative and financial aspects of the trip
  • Organising the return home of the patient
  • Care for their relatives if necessary and their stay
  • The provision of an interpreter service on arrival
  • Transparency on fees throughout the process

For a clinic which receives many international patients, EuroMedi International's "International Patient Reception" accreditation will therefore, in addition to the classic accreditation process, also verify the following elements

  • The ability to properly counsel international patients prior to any intervention decision.
  • A commitment to helping international patients make the best choices about recommended treatment
  • The ability to organise and plan the necessary health check-ups before any intervention
  • To have a specific multilingual team able to accompany international patients during all the procedures and to :
    • Manage the administrative and financial aspects of the trip by drawing up an accurate estimate
    • Facilitating contact with doctors and different departments,
    • Plan medical treatment (medical examinations, consultations, etc.)
    • Supervising the medical stay and organising the smooth running of the hospitalisation and the follow-up after the patient has returned home.

The care facility will therefore have a double accreditation that will attract international patients because they will make their choice based on the confidence that accreditation gives