European accreditation of dialysis centres

Dialysis centres offer a specialised service to all patients requiring high-quality care. This programme has been particularly developed for centres wishing to welcome foreign patients during their tourist stay

Patients suffering from chronic renal failure, and who are treated by periodic haemodialysis (chronic haemodialysis patients), are often deprived of the pleasure of leaving their places of residence to visit, travel and enjoy the sunshine and socio-cultural richness of tourist countries.

The idea here, thanks to international accreditation, is to offer quality solutions to enable patients to travel in complete safety, even when they are on dialysis. Various countries have treatment centres that can accommodate chronic haemodialysis patients. However, not all of them offer the same level of quality and safety of care.

There are more than two million chronic haemodialysis patients who are deprived of travel. A patient suffering from chronic renal failure has an average of three dialysis sessions a week.

Generally speaking, the cost of paying for dialysis sessions is borne by the health insurance fund in the patient's country of origin.

However, in most tourist destinations, there are no medical tourism agencies specialising in travel for dialysis patients.

The aim of the European accreditation proposed by EuroMedi International is to give dialysis patients the certainty that the dialysis centres that will receive them offer every guarantee in terms of quality and safety of care.

For the dialysis centres, it enables them to show the various dialysis patients' associations and the patients themselves that they are fully capable of receiving them.

This European health accreditation has a number of aims:

  • To restore joie de vivre to dialysis patients who are deprived of the freedom to travel
  • To enable them to travel at the lowest possible cost, taking into account the reimbursement of the cost of dialysis sessions by the health insurance fund in their country of origin.
  • Accreditation of dialysis centres which, in addition to providing high-quality medical care, will also be able to prepare visit itineraries tailored to the needs of these fragile patients, taking into account their diets.

EuroMedi International has brought together international experts in the dialysis sector  .  Their mission is to accredit dialysis centres around the world capable of ensuring patient safety and the quality of their care, using selection criteria based on international best practice.

This European accreditation will guarantee associations of chronic haemodialysis patients that the dialysis centres they provide to their members offer guarantees of safety and quality, thanks to  competent medical and paramedical staff and procedures capable of welcoming patients with respect and professionalism.

EuroMedi International accredits dialysis centres in the following tourist destination countries:

    • Morocco
    • Tunisia
    • France
    • Switzerland
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Turquie
    • Italy
    • Ivory Coast
    • Jamaica

The accreditation process will therefore examine different elements such as:

  • Governance
  • Team management  
  • Reception and support of patients
  • Emergency management and accident prevention
  • Infrastructure Management

This accreditation will allow you to stand out and give your future residents and their families confidence when choosing between different establishments.