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Doctor & Manager

The most recent studies show that the manager must be able to master the following 5 dimensions: 

  • to know oneself 
  • control and disseminate information 
  • have operational capacity 
  • dealing with others and potential conflicts 
  • maintain a network 

To enable doctors to carry out their management duties, there are now tools available to diagnose managerial skills. 

And to help doctors, heads of departments or clinics, to carry out these different missions, this fromation proposes a specific 6-step programme called LEADER. 

Based on the most recent studies, this programme has already been offered in various hospitals, both CHU and CHR, and is led by the authors of the book "Physician & Manager". 

Based on case studies and supported by an adapted pedagogy - learn to learn - This approach aims above all to enable participants to understand but above all to implement pragmatic and effective managerial tools and behaviours in the field. 

This training has already been followed by dozens of doctors in different countries (cThis course is also available in digital format for distance learning.)

Download the detailed content here