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Project management

The development of a health care institution also depends on its ability to evolve with its needs and therefore on effective project management. But far too many projects get out of hand, get bogged down or turn into a resounding failure. Why do they do this? Because above all, what counts in a project are the men and women who participate in it. Projects are interdisciplinary, multi-functional or interdepartmental. If the participants are not trained to work together, the project will not come to fruition due to lack of synchronisation and motivation. This is particularly true for the accreditation process. 

 The programme proposed here aims to fundamentally improve the management of projects within the teams of the care institution.  

This pragmatic programme is based on the many years of experience of the various trainers in large groups and small organisations. There, they themselves had to do everything possible to make their colleagues more efficient in their work and thus improve the overall result of their environment. This programme was developed specifically for the accreditation process and includes specific themes in the various exercises. 

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