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The added value of EuroMedi

EuroMedi brings together a team of specialists from a dozen countries on three continents. They therefore have a global vision of medical practices and safety in the healthcare sector. This global vision allows them, while guaranteeing a similar level of accreditation, to take into account certain local particularities.

But EuroMedi International's added value does not stop there. In addition to this holistic approach, we also offer support to help healthcare institutions succeed in the accreditation and certification process.

This support is concretely translated into the following elements.


The mission of EuroMedi

is to enable every individual, regardless of their income, origin or background. status to be able to access quality care. To this end, the role of EuroMedi is to measure and to improve the quality of care and patient safety in health care institutions, hôpitaux clinics, nursing homes (EHPAD). EuroMedi will therefore accredit these institutions on the basis of international benchmarks.

EuroMedi offers

methods to promote and develop the safety culture of the to limit the occurrence of adverse events associated with care. EuroM's actionedi is based on major founding principles: principle of humanity, prationale independence, pprinciple of rigorous science, pprinciple of impartiality and solidarity.

1- A digital self-assessment tool

It is easy to use, with various explanations to enable staff members in the different institutions to understand the standards easily. This auditor tool generates reports to show the level of progress of each of the departments concerned.

2- Expert advice

EuroMedi International provides the various establishments and their teams with a staff of experts (doctors, management specialists, nursing staff, nutritionists, logisticians, etc.). They can be reached 5 days a week and are committed to answering all your questions within 48 hours.

3- Training by experienced professionals

EuroMedi International offers hospitals, clinics and MR-MRS (EPHAD) a dozen training courses in management, project management, patient/resident care, ..... They have already helped many establishments in the accreditation process towards success in many countries.

4- Expert advice in the field

A dozen international experts in a wide range of fields offer their skills to institutions engaged in the accreditation process. They will help you to improve the management of your operating theatres, the design and architectural projects of your surgical departments, the implementation of patient pathways or the management and optimisation of your various activities, from logistics to sterilisation and patient welfare.

5- Coaching to support your accreditation teams

EuroMedi International has put together a team of professional coaches who have already accompanied health care institutions in the accreditation process.

6- Various essential tools

EuroMedi International has asked its partners to develop tools that are essential for healthcare institutions. We are thinking in particular of the digital checklist for operating theatres or the implementation of patient paths for different pathologies.